Mercedes Sprinter 315Cdi 2008 - Lack of power, emergency mode, collector pressur

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    Mercedes Sprinter 315Cdi 2008R Biturbo (150HP)

    Hello, sprinter after the E-class engine spacer, components from the original 315Cdi engine. After the first firing, it turned out that the hooves, lack of power and rail pressure were too low.

    The parts I started new are:

    Injections - 4 pieces after regeneration
    Fuel pressure sensor (front on the rail)
    Fuel pressure regulator (rear on the rail)
    Of course, new filters (fuel, air, cabins, oil change)
    Two charge sensors
    Flue gas sensor in the intake manifold
    Intercooler (old, unsealed, leaky hose)
    post of

    I was replacing the fuel pump, injection pump and the entire intake manifold with throttle, Egr and all sensors on this side from a functional sprinter.

    The sprinter has DPF removed and you can see that the computer was taken apart by the DPF removal company because it has a seal with a number on it and I called there the guy told me that I can send him a computer but it is 100% well done.

    Errors that have been bothering me from the beginning are:

    P3152 - exhaust gas recirculation system (on another computer is EGR)
    P2047 - rail pressure too low
    P2011- Air mass flow sensor (Hot Film?)
    P0105- intake manifold pressure
    P2526- supply pressure regulator
    P2679- water in fuel sensor
    P2502- rail pressure valve
    P2199- fuel quantity control valve
    P2306- sensor 2 power supply (on another computer it is powering 2 boost sensors)
    P2244- Can: instrument panel harness
    P2243- Can: central ZGW gate
    P2201- Can: EIS / EZS signal
    P2671- no description

    Masses checked and cleaned.

    I eliminated the P2306 error by moving the pressure sensor at the throttle and instead of this error, P0105 appears, when P0105 appears, the sprinter enters the emergency mode and has no power, while the error of the charging parameters regardless of the addition of gas stand at 800, after removing the error shows with a delay of up to 2200 and earlier at a standstill it showed up to 3bar, the sprinter goes as before and the parameters lie to 2bar. The car does not exceed 100KM / H downhill I used to have 120 :(
    Now error P2047 began to appear, but only while driving (new sensors on the strip).

    The lever from the upper turbine opens and the sprinter buzzs, after removing the error the lever retracts.

    Currently error P0105, P2047, P3152 remains.

    In general, I have the impression as if the errors were coming from the hat, he had such a moment that he walked nicely, evenly and went out or immediately when I got to the lights or some stop it went out, and I barely turned the key, he walked, without a rule he did 200km and did not go out for 20km he was able to do it 5 times, all in all I did nothing and the problem disappeared remained only a very troublesome failure or lack of power.

    I read the forum and found no answer to my problem, thank you in advance and welcome to the discussion.
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    What are the actual sensor supply?

    As for me, I would not start fighting this car before ecu would come to ORi flasch.
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    The sensor supply checked everything ok, the sprinter behaves as he pleases. Let it go to an electrician and have a look in the computer and see, after all, except for the turbines it is all replaced and the power is not there. Thanks for the answer

    At the electrician deadlines, so I still look at what hurts him and if I disconnect the sensor in the air filter housing, the error pressure in the intake manifold does not appear and the sprinter works nicely even, does not go out. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Hey buddy, did you manage to resolve the error code 0105? I have the same mistake. It pops up alternately with a flow. I'm already fighting this car and my hands are falling. I also have that when it goes into safe mode, I have a pressure of 800, when the code is reset while driving, everything returns to normal for a while. And the pressure jumps up and later again catches the error after 3-4min and safe mode.
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    There will be such miracles after dpf. What kind of code table put in there nobody knows. He wrote you a wise batch of ori. There will be dpf errors and reliable diagnosis. You will clean the motor and then dpf
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    I now have the original batch. And a flow error and error 0105.
    After deleting, the power returns for a moment and then again in safe mode. I flipped through, adaptation done, but I can't see any improvement. Only when it deletes, e.g. Error while driving and power returns again for a few moments. Of course, I also have dpf errors on the original batch. I have no idea what's already going on. It looks like everything is tight. While driving, it is just like a friend's.
    The value of 800 in the absence of power and when the turbo returns the actual values are greater than assumed.
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    Hello, I have the same problem, the sprinter at a standstill catches 4 errors and no power, sometimes when I give him between 3000-4000 revolutions, he catches errors after a while and safe mode, did you manage to solve the problem?
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    Blaku666 wrote:
    Hello, I have the same problem, the sprinter at a standstill catches 4 errors and no power, sometimes when I give him between 3000-4000 revolutions, he catches errors after a while and safe mode, did you manage to solve the problem?

    I was guilty of the engine controller, after replacing everything, no errors