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[Solved] Sprinter 313 EDC - Sprinter 313 - EDC error the engine went out

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    The problem is as follows.
    Sprinter 313 2000year 400tkm
    There was an EDC error on the route, the engine went out and it's over. Lobby and home. Connected to a computer and only old errors abs asr nothing more. As the engine turns but does not fire, the pressure on the rail 116.
    Ok. I pour the fuel filter from the socket to the full oil fires but additionally with the help of a cake. And it works 30 minutes without a problem, but it only screws up to less than 3,000. The test drive crashes the EDC error, I quickly turn the key back to 0 and the ignition (if I would like to start) 4 ... 5th gear fires and goes on. For about 2 km, he made an error 3 times. Fuel in the tank was over half a tank.
    200 km ago, replacement of injectors in the Mercedes service. After regeneration.

    As I read users' problems, I mean maybe which gasket on the sensor of the strip where they damaged

    I'm new here, but the mechanics take a few good years, it's impossible to know everything. So please help. Everyone is good. Thanks.
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    The pressure on the rail is at least 200, for me it is an injection overflow test. Check the filter and fuel supply
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    Moderator Chiptuning
    WBART wrote:
    min 200
    And preferably 250 at startup.

    You have the entire fuel system to check, something is clearly ailing.
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    Subject solved.
    When replacing the injections, I also changed the fuel filter, which I did not add.
    It turned out that 2 out of 4 injections caught some micro muck.
    cleaning the tank, new fuel filter ... 3 thousand and it's ok