Indesit electric oven, unknown model - clock and oven not working

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    I have a stove as in the photo. 2 days ago, after literally 3 minutes of work, the oven turned off, and it blew up traffic jams at home. After turning on the plugs, the clock did not light. I took out the clock and replaced the resistor "R3" (the little one on the corner of the blue "tin"), it was sooty. I connected the clock, but neither the clock nor the oven work. I bridged the relay contacts to bypass the clock and start the oven but still nothing. Traffic jams no longer blow up. Where to look further?

    Indesit electric oven, unknown model - clock and oven not working Indesit electric oven, unknown model - clock and oven not working Indesit electric oven, unknown model - clock and oven not working Indesit electric oven, unknown model - clock and oven not working
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    There are not too many elements there. And the diodes are working? What about the rest of the elements?
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    Clock diodes? I checked with a meter and they were ok, what about skipping the clock? Bridging the contacts on the relay should probably start the oven bypassing the clock. Am I wrong?
    Gas ignites normally.
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    Media Markt model Indesit K3 T76 SX-U
    After the photos it's the same. Today I went to my mother-in-law ?. And seriously, she has only used the oven once since 2009. The clock was working, it was showing the time, but nothing was going on except firing the gas. I will add an electric oven. Curly cocks, first the temperature, then the light, heaters, etc. and nothing.

    I disconnected the power and the clock went out. I reconnected to 220V. The clock displays 00.00 and it dims (time cannot be set). After dismantling the front panel, I took out the plate, the R3 resistor overheated.

    You can see the barcode: 1 / brown, 2 black, 3 here, unfortunately, a gray multiplier (but there is no such multiplier), and the 4 tolerance looks like Gold, i.e. 5%

    How would anyone have a schematic of this board or the resistor code colors? Gas firing is all about because it has a direct 220V power supply. Tomorrow I will measure the resistor unfortunately overheated.

    To the subject.
    But if the fuses blown, I would bet, apart from the resistor No. R3, the blown relay contacts (and maybe some short circuit in your case, e.g. Heater, fan, light bulb, etc.) ...
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    At a friend's post you have a photo. If it's this one, and I'm pointing to it brown, black, yellow, gold ( 100K )
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    Thank you for your answer.
    Today I measured this resistor is 103k?, so it is the same after replacing it with a new one.
    The clock starts flashing, but also dims (it is impossible to set the time) capacitors replaced with new ones, resistors checked. Diodes also checked with a meter.

    Tomorrow I will try to replace the diodes on the rectifier, the Zener diode and the capacitor, this rectangular 1 u0 3382 BOD, but I do not know if I will get it. Of course, after bridging the relay, everything works, but I will still fight.
    Maybe someone has a diagram?
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    gemballa wrote:
    this rectangular capacitor 1u0 3382 BOD
    I don't know what was written on it or you rewritten it (give it a value 1uF on the voltage that was written there), but finish this method of repair because you will find Christmas ... Only replacing it should end your struggle :D
    Indesit electric oven, unknown model - clock and oven not working
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    Thanks TONI_2003 you can see that someone here knows the topic. ????
    I looked through February and found a break on the SMD R20 resistor, but nothing improved. Today the brother-in-law ? bought a diode, a capacitor, a zener diode. I just replaced this capacitor and diode. Works 100%
    As I measured earlier on the Zener diode, the voltage was about 8V DC, and after replacing the capacitor and the diode 23.8V (the relay is at 24), i.e. approx.

    Before you bridge the relay, check the diode voltage.

    Without replacing anything, I disconnected the 220V power supply and connected the voltage behind the rectifying diodes, first the voltage was 12V stabilized, where the driver stopped dimming and everything started to work properly, then 14V, 16V, 18V and 24V I was afraid to leave 24V because the resistor and quartz on the plate were quite strong heating up.

    I took a picture where to connect the voltage from 12V to 24V stabilized to be sure that, for example, the controller will not start and whether you need to bridge this relay and give up the control.

    Just buy a 18V - 24V / 1A stabilized power supply for PLN 20. and connect it to the controller. Or start the original 220V power supply, e.g. thanks to the prompts TONI_2003, antek124 . ??

    I will try to add a photo tomorrow where to connect the voltage. + and - (that's all I see)

    Mother-in-law happy because before Christmas I managed to turn on this hellish ? oven, I will bake something for the second time ??.

    Thank you everyone for your commitment to the topic and we wish you a healthy and family Christmas 2017, and a lot of gifts (?????????? ;)

    Added after 10 [hours] 44 [minutes]:

    Indesit electric oven, unknown model - clock and oven not working
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    Indesit kitchen, clock, timer setting and countdown works, after the countdown is over, it does not beep, but immediately switches to the current time, which may be the reason - K3G55 kitchen (three buttons on the display).