VW Golf 1.6 TDI 105 km - Not working at idle (Sometimes)

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    I have Golf mk6 from 2010 with a 1.6 tdi engine with a power of 105km.
    The problem is that at low revolutions when the car is standing, the engine sometimes starts to work strangely, so it is not even enough for a second to slightly add gas and everything returns to normal. (If we do not add gas, the engine will stabilize itself after a while and start to walk again normally.) The revolutions do not wave, they stay in one position.
    The car was with two mechanics but none found a cause. When the car was connected to the computer, the mechanic said that there are quite large fluctuations in fuel pressure on the rail. Do you have an idea what it can be?

    PS: Injections checked, everything in the best order.
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    Okay, I'll go to the weekend and check the whole system, thank you very much. If anyone had other ideas then please give :)

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    I will add that nothing happens on a cold engine at all.
    The longer the car is working, the more frequent this symptom is, and when the engine is cold it always goes normally
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    Hello ,

    I have a similar problem - did you solve your problem?

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    I have the same problem, did you manage to do it?

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    krukp wrote:
    Hello ,

    I have a similar problem - did you solve your problem?


    Hello, I have the same trouble with how you dealt with it?
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    Most likely a pressure regulator for replacement. It is blurred. This can be seen in dependence between the activation of this valve and the pressure.
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    I was looking for answers.
    I searched and it turned out that the same happens in golf 5 1.6tdi.
    I once had a peugeot partner 2.0 hdi.
    There was also a common rail there, the same symptoms. But no errors ... It turned out that the pressure regulator went crazy. After replacement, the fault has ceased. So I will try to replace the regulator in this 1.6tdi and let me know.