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D-link DWR-116 firmware update -

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    for some time DWR-116 began to hang, disconnect, lose range so I decided to update the router firmware to improve its performance. I followed the instructions on the manufacturer's website. before, I downloaded the current software, then step by step carried out the update, until the message that the update has appeared appears. And everything died in this place. nothing works. LEDs on the router are lit up alternately with 2/3 (lights from ethernet cable sockets). otherwise nothing works. What to do? how to start the router. In writing in the browser, the access address gives nothing
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    Look for the topics "DWR-116 unbrick", "DWR-116 recovery" and you probably can't do without the UART interface.
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    sebios1 wrote:
    And everything died in this place. nothing works.

    Well, it is probably not the fault of the wrong software, but incorrectly supported software from a different model, hardware version, branding, etc.
    sebios1 wrote:
    I downloaded the current software before

    Which and from where and what was previously in the router?