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Clio III - Replacing the radio with newer ones

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    A few days ago I bought a Renault Cio in the Estate version from 2008.
    The radio does not have the ability to play MP3 files, not to mention bluetooth and thus calls through a speakerphone.
    Please let me know if it is possible to replace the original radio with a non-factory radio in a way possible for the average person? Ie. without resoldering plugins etc.
    Specifically, I would like the new radio:
    - played MP3s
    - played songs from the phone via bluetooth
    - could "get along" with the buttons on the steering wheel (V +, V-, station change wheel, sound source change buttons)
    - enabled bluetooth conversations.

    Best regards.
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    Yes - you can put Clarion with adapter for steering from Renault steering wheel. The original radio has regular ISO plugins. I at home in Clio 3 from 2012 I have a factory with mp3 without BT and once tried to hook up Clarion but because I have Tomtom Live navigation I had to leave the factory radio.