Siemens or Bosch washing machine?

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    A question from the subject half an hour ago I would consider it typical for complete ignorants, or lay people, because it is enough to look at the first post to learn that Bosch = Siemens. Until now, I was also convinced that they are coming down from the same production line and are made of exactly the same components. At least those mechanical ones ... And is there anybody able to give me information about the electronics in BSH products? Are we still dealing with one and the same? Probably not so completely, because why in products with Bosch logo I can not find an Outdoor / Impregnation program that interests me, but in Siemens a few models have such a model? The question is whether this is just a matter of the program itself in the processor, or is the entire electronics circuit completely differently made, by a completely different supplier and in a completely different quality?
    I was guided by this video of the problem found in the iQ300 while attempting to balance before spinning a small amount of laundry in the drum. Admittedly, it concerned the WM12E model, i guess that the counterpart of the bosch WAE, and I am interested in the newer WM12N (WAN?), So maybe the problem was eliminated, but before buying I would rather make sure that choosing a Siemens program with the desired program, instead of Bosch without it (unless a model has it, and I just did not find it) I'm not making a mistake.

    Thanks in advance for all the responses in the topic, as well as suggestions for possible other "front" washing machines about 7kg and a depth of up to 55cm equipped with the Outdoor program.
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    I bought a Bosh washing machine and a Siemens dishwasher for a new flat. Both fell, but Siemens could be fixed "Mr. Kaziem" ;-) and Bosch repair has been priced for more than new art. I exchanged the washing machine for Gorenje - it also fell, but fortunately, somehow, two weeks before the date of the extended warranty, which I carefully booked - they repaired, it works to this day. And so I think that it is best to buy something that has the possibility to extend the warranty to xxx years - then you know how much the manufacturer has counted. And there is no reason to think that it would take much longer. Because it is not about the fact that the factories do not have anything to produce (but also not to repair it under warranty, basic or extended). Note that from the model "I will buy and I will have", we entered the model "I will pay for use" - because installments zero percent spread over the warranty period of the equipment with a probability bordering with the certainty that immediately afterwards something irreparable to this is coming. And there is nothing to stop - that's how it works. Leasing cars (and now also "long-term rental"), practically entire household appliances, phones may not break so quickly, but every 2 years Operator "forces" a new one for subscription, computers every now and again require "modernization" because after a year-two hard to match the old age, find the matching components, in a while probably next things (eg, for 3-year-old furniture I will not buy the manufacturer or a piece of veneer to fix the hole) ...

    Buy what you like, count on the fact that it will fall after the warranty anyway ... Such a lajf, I'm afraid ...
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    In my case, I put off buying a new washing machine for quite a long time. My old Mastercook PF-73 has been working tirelessly for almost 14 years. My only intervention was to replace the hinge in the door and wrap the insulated drainage hose with the insulating tape, in which the hole size of the pin was made only because he maneuvered the washing machine several times and leaned on the tank.

    Unfortunately, the door is currently only hanging on the "word of honor" and hence, among other things, the decision to replace the washing machine.

    I mentioned that two years ago in this forum, that buying a current washing machine I did not think about anything if the washing machine has a demountable tank that allows replacement of the bearings, whether the programmer does not fall apart just after the warranty, etc. After 14 years of operation, I still do not know how they can make bearings, and I do not know the problems associated with a malfunctioning programmer. In the current copy it is finally a tiny motor propelling a package of mechanical cams and contacts :) so it can break here? And the ridiculous thing is that now you have to find out for yourself about such things from the net, because usually there is no competent person in the store, who knows these nuances and will not try to squeeze you.

    And back to the topic Bosch vs Siemens - someone will tell you how it is with this electronics in the end?
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    So how? There is no one who would possibly work at BSH or service their equipment and know the answer to my question? For someone who has seen the "guts" of both, it is probably no problem ...?
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    Hello. In my opinion, everything inside is the same, the question of the module software, especially since Siemens has only been a Bosch brand for two years (Siemens as a company has no contribution to BSH, Bosch bought its Logo and the rest). From the premise of Siemens is the premium brand for Bosch can have additional options, but they do not affect the construction. I would not delude myself that by buying Siemens the performance of your device will increase by 50%, more so that they are manufactured in the same factories on the same lines. 5 years without a break will be a great result.
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    I do not think that Siemens will be better made than Bosch from the same line going down. Rather, I want to make sure that it will not be worse because I watched a movie showing the problem that the Siemens IQ300 has with the balancing of laundry, while about Boschach nothing I've never read a bit baffled me. Hence, my question was whether someone somewhere "overcame" with the sensitivity of sensors or over-program algorithm.
    And here's the movie:
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    The washing machine on the film has very little batch so it can not arrange it well and so much, the guest is looking for a problem that is missing because in each instruction manual is written that in the case of improper loading of the batch the machine does not spin. Then, once again set the spin program. Washing machines, for example, Whirlpool, which are also sensitive to decomposition and sometimes do not spin, behave the same way.