[Solved] Ford Transit mk7 - 2008 - Replacement of the door lock insert

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    Ford Transit mk7 - 2008, 2.4 disel.
    There is only one insert in the car, from the driver's side.
    With the key you can only close the car, opening does not work for it wants to replace the insert.
    I took off the plastics on the door, removed the glass guides, removed the plate protecting the insert from the inside, unscrewed the screws fastening the lock.
    The insert comes out of the door for about 5mm.
    Please, let me know how to proceed with disassembly of this system.
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    There is an additional lock of the lock insert, in the form of a stem on the body (find it) ...
    After removing the liner (plate) fastening the insert (you did), put the key in the lock, turn it to the right, press the spindle, turn the key in the lock the other way (to the left) and remove the insert from the door.

    But: probably not the lock is broken, but the key. In order to check this (you would have to fasten the zipper), try to open the lock by turning the key to the left, but at the same time pulling it slightly outwards so that it presses against the latches with an uneven surface. At Ford this is happening ... If you have a similar situation with a fuel filler cap - this confirms this key defect.
    A good dorabiacz-specialist on the basis of the provided old key will get you a new key, like the factory one, you only have to translate the immo transponder chip. If you have a second unused key, check if it opens the door without any problems.

    If, however, the lock is definitely damaged, you will not push the pin, because the lock does not work to the left. Then it is necessary to re-drill the insert with a 14mm bit, then you can push the plunger and remove the insert.
    But I think it's the fault of the key - because it usually happens.
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    I have 2 keys.
    The one from the ignition is actually made, but the 2 is not. With this 2 key I open the engine cover without any problem. The fuel filler has a new one with another key.
    I'm afraid that if I turn right (closing the car and it works) it will not go to the left (opening the car does not work).
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    If it is not a van with a partition, you can safely shut the car, leaving the sliding door open. The lock will work normally, closing all other doors. You will be able to check if the second key works ok

    If there is a barrier, then ... the risk is yours ...

    But probably that's why the replacement sprue is replaced because it was as I described. Then, the opening is opened by slightly pulling the key outside or changing the key itself ...
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    I was just ordering a new insert, as soon as I come, I will see it with this bolt, as the drill will not pass ;)
    Thanks, I will let you know how to solve the problem.
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    It turns out that I have to drill the lock, because I can not turn the key to the left so that you can push the safety pin on the insert.
    Does anyone know how to do it, or how else to push this pin ??
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    I am still convinced that the new key (which does not mean copied) will work in this castle.
    There is a point in Warsaw that can do it. I have from him one key from the original. This well-made opens the door and the fuel cap perfectly, two originals no longer. They operate in the ignition, but do not open the door and fill the fuel. In one of the older Transits, probably more than 20 years ago his father was making a key to me - an identical situation.
    Look for such a specialist at home.
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    Hello, I ended up drilling a lock insert and installing a new insert. greetings
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    The old insert has been bored and removed. Then insert a new insert.