Gotze & Jensen 4K UHD SC501 sports camera - the picture stutters

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    I bought a Gotze & Jensen 4K UHD SC501 sports cam.
    Together with the camera I bought a 32GB SanDisk Ultra card. Speed UP TO 98MB / s 653x
    Class 10 card.

    Recorded movies stutter. Camera fault or cards?
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    The same movies played in another place also stutter?
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    I played on an annual laptop. From what I read on the internet, others have the same problems.
    I was reducing the recording resolution and the same ...
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    Have you tried playing a recorded video through VLC media?
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    I downloaded VLC media and there is no picture at all, but listen to the sound, that it does not cut.
    Earlier I played on AllPlayer. There was image and sound here, but it stuck very much.

    Maybe it's a player issue?
    Maybe it's a codec issue?
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    This is a bit strange because VLC has all codecs implemented. Try choosing Full / Full installation when installing VLC Media Player. I would bet on a problem with multimedia playback software than on a card problem.
    What format are the movies saved in?
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    They are saved in mp4

    I uninstalled and installed the "full" version - no change.