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Audi A4 B5 - Front door speakers.

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    Hello colleagues.
    The time of cold days has come, and verification of the state of the speakers. Unfortunately, my factory ends their life.
    I am looking for something sensible, but from the beginning :)
    This is A4 B5 Avant after the so-called 2 lifts, 04.2000 years.
    Sound system - nokia in the trunk, 2-way front system + 2 loudspeakers in the rear door along with high-tone.
    That is 6 in the cabin + 1 pseudo sub in the trunk.
    At the beginning I want to change those in the front, I found thinking quite sensible speakers:
    For this I would leave the factory high-tone in the front door.
    I have to buy distances, I found:
    I have two questions basically.
    Has anyone dealt with these distances? And how is it fixed to the loudspeaker?
    I'm afraid that for hard earned money I can end up with speakers that I will not use and adapters that I can hang on the wall eg ...
    And if anyone listened to these speakers. In car audio, I do not sit, occasionally, more of an installation of radios as before :P
    Best wishes!

    Edit. Please do not overwhelm me with statements, mount 160mm, or play the loudspeaker, not the door's batten, etc. There is also the right in such statements, but I do not have time and conditions to make a sculpture, I do not care about what audio, the ground that cleanly played and not the rumbling bass itself. I have to listen to the equipment at home :)
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    Recently I recommended to my friend to the BMW E46 these audisons (16cm) because I had the opportunity to listen to them for a while and how they made a good impression for the money, but how will it be difficult to say from 13?
    The more so because you do not want to play in the soundproofing which according to me is the basis ...
    As you have a moment, take a look at the SCA forum about the user of "gazownik". The guest processed the A4B5 from what I remember and won several awards at the CA championships - first places (on 13cm speakers attached to the upholstery!).
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    Hello, thanks for the answer.
    Well, I admit that 1 place on speakers fastened to upholstery is a thick feat :) This is generally a sick idea, but what to do, they are looking for savings in production everywhere ...

    I bought these 13 today :) Mandatory, let me know what came out of it, I wonder what back in time ... there must be 2 way something, no room for a ton, and I do not want to disfigure the interior with eggs on poles, etc. shares.
    Maybe HERTZ Uno X165? - SPL 93.5db, so only gently will be shaken but I think that this difference will disappear ...
    What do you think about these speakers, i.e. the brand?

    You are right something you have to think about suppression, the occasion will be quieter inside :)
    And what do you propose to suppress?

    Today the loudspeakers came (good pace - I ordered yesterday and today they came in the afternoon)
    I played with them already, I listened.
    They have a nice center, the bottom register is weaker but still quite good for a 13cm transducer.
    They like to swing well ... Xmax have at the level of + - 2mm (according to the manufacturer) I have driven the test to TDA2005 and without difficulty, I have already crossed the Xmax. There may be a problem with the strength of the given power.
    Admittedly, after installation, it will certainly be better for them, but the trend is.
    I still have to think about the crossover to them, despite the nice middle, the mountain is audible, which does not belong to a pleasant experience. Well, it's not bad, but cutting will have to be done. I think that a simple 6db / octane system is enough here :)
    In general, I think it is okay, adequate at its price.
    And they look like that :)
    Audi A4 B5 - Front door speakers.IMG_201712...180350.jpg Download (2.89 MB)
    Audi A4 B5 - Front door speakers.IMG_201712...180418.jpg Download (2.77 MB)
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    Appearance truly HI-END :D By the way, did you power the CA amplifier with an ATX power supply? :D Be careful because he does not have high current on the 12V line, and amplifiers from the CA goes easy to burn when they have too little power (writes from his own experience - unfortunately) ... ;)
    Try to dampen the door first and the whole upholstery is best stiffened with a glass mat and resin - it is a mega simple even for people who have two left hands :D And then if you will not be happy with the effect of thinking over the assumption of the rear speakers, but in my opinion you will only get worse. It's better to do the front well, and do not bother backwards.
    To do this, put something like this in the place of the subaque: http://sklep.basser.pl/pl/obudowy-fit-box/50-audi-a4-b5-avant-obudowa-subwoofera.html and how do you embrace believe it that you will not regret changing your thinking :D
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    Hehe, Well, they look Cossack, but they will not be visible anyway. I will leave my photos :)
    That's how I powered the ATX amplifier, it's a powerful 850W power supply and on the 12V line it has a 55A single line. I did him a great review too :)
    This one did not sleep ... it's a dustbin for testing, there are 4 pieces of TDA2005 in one piece per channel (4 channels in the final stage)

    I am skeptical about such interference in the material of the bacon, I am a bit afraid of what will happen after the time. I do not know...
    I saw butylene mats, exactly like this:
    http://allegro.pl/mata-butylowa-wygluszajaca-...oxy&emission_unit_id=4dca117e-a2f8-4f5e-9737- 6feb4888b90f
    apparently they do not burst, etc., then I would glue it to the door plating or inner frame. Something like that happened today to my head, in the sense of the slightest interference in the original.

    You know what ... I have experience in building rapids or Beym, RCF or Faital Pro loudspeakers (these are just for order ... I am waiting sometimes for six months ...)
    I have VISATON 120RMS from what I remember, band 27Hz - 1500Hz, SPL 94db, 4om, so it's pretty cool.
    Birch plywood is, poly D4 glue, screws, blankets or eco leather. Nothing but to count, tune, play with damping and Sub will go out as much as a four-pack :D and the trunk has been empty lately and still empty.
    Exactly but to talk about my thinking about soundproofing the door, I thought something like that :)
    Audi A4 B5 - Front door speakers.drzwi au..1.jpg Download (114.66 kB)

    fast EDIT:
    As for the loudspeakers in the back, they are also slowly ending so their exchange is only a matter of time, so I asked :)
    As for Audison AP5 - I changed my mind about them. I am not familiar with the phenomenon of acoustic short-circuiting, but these loudspeakers are infectious!
    I made a barrier fast with plywood 1m x 1m - Basik such that I was surprised, the membranes calmed down and the high ones completely disappeared. I underestimated the design and design of the loudspeaker under CarAudio - man learns the whole life ... They have the potential and feel that it will be good. At 5, for 6, I would have to put at least twice as much for a pair :P
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    Hello Friend!
    I also have an audi a4 B5 and I have problems with these speakers ;)

    That year, I built the front door for a 16cm speaker. I took off the bacon, riveted 0.5 mm plexiglass to the construction. and plekse I covered with a mat, and I gave a MDF disc under the loudspeaker. in this way I got a barrier like in golf 4.
    Well, what was nice, it only played that I had to break off half of the upholstery hooks and after 3 months the lift from the window broke down and I had to throw everything into the basket ;)
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    misterbociek - I am whisking with the audison in front of 18 January. They are 13 mounted in place of the original, nothing bad happens :)
    The sound compared to serial equipment is heaven and earth. Details and precision and more importantly improved the stereo!
    I am happy with them and I can recommend them. Now I will order 16 at the back door :)
    For this they are flying with the low-range VISATON from Br. Well, it's just the back door that bothers you yet, but not for long :)
    Later, I'll put in a photo of what it looks like :)
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    All in all ... I'm going to change but I do not know what ...