What are the migomets you recommend? I like the ideal prakt mig 200 worth?

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    Hello all :D I have question for you. I am going to buy a migomat, I just do not know how (ideal praktik mig 200 I came across such an Allegro like it I just do not know if it's worth it) and the budget limits me a little, for 1000-1200 PLN. Do you recommend to buy the ideal praktik mig 200? Or maybe some brand name used eg: Bester, Einhell. The thickness of the sheets that I will weld is max 5mm more 1-3mm. I am waiting for the answer: 3
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    I recommend Sherman dualmig 200 from myself, I have been using it for 10 years, I am an amateur at home, sometimes small things for my friends. The advantage of this welding machine is a large range of welding current adjustment (8 positions), it is nice to weld thin sheet metal (car), but thick also gives advice. Another advantage (at least for me) is 230V power supply, one phase, you connect it everywhere. For this, buy cylinders with a mixture of CO2Ar, definitely better quality of welds than CO2 and a good reducer with two clocks. You should fit in the budget you have set.
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    And which model did the author of the subject acquire? Because I myself think about this ideal praktik and I do not know if it is worth buying or not.
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    Mr_Z wrote:
    And which model did the topic author acquire? Because I wonder about this ideal practical and I don't know if it's worth buying or not.

    I am raising the question. I'm curious. :)
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    And what did anyone buy this Ideal Praktik mig 200?
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    Hello, as to this Praktik mig 200, I would think twice. I bought in March, I welded 2 tubes and the equipment stopped, I sent for guarantees, they did, it lasted 2 weeks. I slept 15 minutes ok, yesterday I started welding again, 2 minutes and again lime. Symptoms as before, until the plugs crashed and again I have to send for warranty, and now the equipment needed. Yes, please, ladies and gentlemen, to think about it.
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    And what did you expect from a Chinese toy for less than 1000 PLN?
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    And I thought that at least the guarantee would last, the gentleman who sold said that the equipment is OK. ?
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    Grzegorz_madera wrote:
    And what did you expect from a Chinese toy for less than 1000 PLN?

    Chinese is not equal to Chinese, mine cost even less and works 12 years, no problems. Now, even good brands produce in Asia, and they demand you to be valued, I have already run more than once on branded equipment, and the market is half price.
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    My idel like my friend above. The day before yesterday he fell twice. It is still under warranty. But I'm already angry that I didn't buy a magnum or a used beast. My friend has a castorama maca and has been welding for over a year.
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    Hello, where did you buy these ideal practical?
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    I bought it on Allegro, it welded well and I was satisfied. She was putting out 1 roll of wire, at the beginning of the second she was dead. After removing the housing, the molten plate can be seen with the naked eye. The warranty ended moments ago, local websites, after hearing the brand, do not even want to watch. When I bought it, I was happy, now I can see that it was not worth it, literally a disposable one. If someone has information on the company that would undertake the inspection, I would like to ask.
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    I already bought a tiny 140A mma sherman from 3 years ago and it works to this day, but after welding I blow it and take it to the house.

    These Chinese inverter migomats often burn plates because they are poorly protected against moisture and metal dust which is ubiquitous in the workshop.
    A colleague painted his flashing plate with the preparation and he has been enjoying welding for 3 years, even though he does not hide it under the covers after the work is finished. But he was not afraid of losing the warranty, he did it right after the purchase.
    I bought an old man like the one from the picture for PLN 300 and he is like this doll
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    It may be that it is the fault of humidity and in "home" conditions it would last longer. However, I am disappointed and I said goodbye to the IDEAL brand. To the question of the author of the topic, I can only answer that in my case it was not worth it.
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    Pawelk1212 wrote:
    However, I am disappointed and I said goodbye to the IDEAL brand. To the question of the author of the topic, I can only answer that in my case it was not worth it.

    I was also thinking about the Ideal. Nice new, promised large work cycles and light, but still I went to other old equipment with obvious flaws due to the design, heavy because it is a transfirmator, but easy to repair. T.
    am you can either burn out rectifier diodes or, less likely, a transformer that can be overturned.
    The poor work cycle can be slightly improved by forced cooling, i.e. a fan or even two fans, e.g. from a computer power supply and some 12v power supply for a few zlotys.

    I read something there that the magnum is more durable or even a fantasy welder, but unfortunately more expensive.