Connecting to tv via usb

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    Hello, I have a question I just do not know if in a good section I write .. I have tv philips 42 inches and during the storm burnt my cable and probably both HDMI inputs .. TV in the child pokuju connected by euro but terrible bad quality and whether you can connect Polsat decoder to TV to the USB input ?? From the hdmi decoder and later some adapter or adapter to the USB input on the tv. Is the USB port leading in the picture and sound?
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    In theory, it is possible, but not in practice anymore.
    The USB cable can conduct various signals, including video / audio, but even if such adapters exist, the quality of the image being transmitted or the number of frames per second transmitted by this cable (I guess the TV has USB version 2.0) is even worse than in the case of EURO (not to mention the price). Another problem is the television itself, without the appropriate software / system on the TV, and so it could not be done (which does not mean that you can not play alone in programming).
    Besides, I do not know what the TV model is or does it have any other sockets. A good idea would be to connect the decoder through the converter to the VGA socket (blue with three rows of pins). The quality would be comparable to HDMI, but such an adapter costs about PLN 60 (+ VGA cable), but I do not know if such a socket is on this TV.
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    Oh, thanks for the answer ... So, I will not think of anything .. The TV has no vga entry I'm surprised myself because I do not even have a "czincze" and is an example that it is not always worth buying items from the promotion: what I have asked is this the slot does not make sense to repair because you have to replace the entire motherboard ..
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