LTE Plus GSM coverage in my location

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    I warmly welcome.
    I am asking for help regarding the LTE coverage of the Plus network. I thought that there would be better coverage with us because it is close to BTS and it is only GSM. I bought an Orange starter and on the phone inside the building grabs me a speed of about 40 Mb and in Plus on the ODU-IDU set up to 12 Mb. I am asking someone who knows how to better invest in some external antenna (I still have a d-link dwr-921 router) and will it be better? or change to Orange?
    The village is Psary, gm. Dalików, 99-205.
    Please, check the transmitters in my area because there is a lot of them but it receives the best Orange.

    Ps. The closest to me - about 1km there is such a transmitter:

    T-Mobile (26002) ID: 29558
    Brudnów III, 19, Journal No. 367/1
    Standard Band Station No. Type approval No. Type Expiration date
    GSM 1800 29558 MNET / 11/89043/6/17 zmP 2024-02-29
    GSM 900 29558 MNET / 11/89043/6/17 zmP 2024-02-29
    GSM 900 29558 GSM900 / 2/6030/2/10 P 2020-11-30
    LTE 1800 29558 MNET / 11/89043/6/17 zmP 2024-02-29
    LTE 2600 29558 MNET / 11/89043/6/17 zmP 2024-02-29
    LTE 800 29558 MNET / 11/89043/6/17 zmP 2024-02-29
    UMTS 2100 29558 MNET / 11/89043/6/17 zmP 2024-02-29
    UMTS 900 29558 MNET / 11/89043/6/17 zmP 2024-02-29

    But t-mobile works for me on average - about 3Mb. Why, then, does Orange work the best when it's a lot ahead?
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    LTE Plus GSM coverage in my location

    purple - Play, Red - T-Mobile, Yellow - Orange, Blue - Aero2 / Sferia.

    Plus a bit further:

    LTE Plus GSM coverage in my location

    As for the speed, it may be the difference in the antennas, the location of the terrain, the load on the network ...
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    What are the parameters of the LTE signal on the IDU in the diagnostic-status LTE tab? The DL / UL speedtest show from the evening hours. Plus he has permission for LTE1800Aero2 and LTE800sferii in Wartkowice and Wierzbowa, the same in Złotniki Kolonii 16. Force LTE800 and LTE2600 in turn on IDU-ODU and show LTE status and speed test. You need to check how these bands work and confirm the operation. In Wartkowice, both bands are rather active, the same in Złotniki. And as for Wierzbowa, it is difficult to say which band operates on it. There is also BTS in Parzęczew with LTE1800 Aero2 and LTE800Sferia. It's quite a long way to the BTS, so the IDU-ODU choice is bad. In such locations, a router and an external, directional antenna are used. The optimum subscription for you is T-Mobile, an unlimited offer for PLN 49/59 per month with B525 for PLN 49. for 14 days tests. Coverage LTE800 T-mobile with BTS NetWorks Brudnów Trzeci. There is also LTE800 Orange but its offer is much weaker. In addition, Play with LTE range from BTS Dalików, where it has LTE1800, LTE2100, LTE800 and their aggregation, the same in Parzęczew. In Play, you can have a minimum of 100GB on LTE with full speed for 5/15 PLN per month without a contract. LTE equipment and external antenna. It's worth to do T-mobile, Play tests on an LTE phone with Network Cell Info.
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    Thanks for quick answers. I will perform tests in a spare moment and give what happened to me. In Playu I have a phone with internet LTE and when it comes to the internet, I have a poor range and catches up to 5 Mb, at least on a smartphone. T-mobile works as I wrote - even standing at the same bts in Brudnów at a speed of up to 3 Mb Download (I wonder why this bts is tmobile lte?), While the most interesting orange whisks around 40Mb without any problems at home. I will check with this Plus. And what can I do with the second router, ie DwR-921 in Plus? In the house next to your sister is so and faintly catches - max 5 Mb. Can I use an external antenna here and possibly with a reasonable price? greetings
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    Welcome back. I fight with this range all the time and now the same with my sister in the house next door. I have a question about the external antenna for the router 921. For what band should I buy such an external antenna? It's about the Plus network, the location is Psary gm. Dalików 99-205. On the map I find transmitters from Ozorkow 2600 and Łęczyca 900, 1800, 2100. Which antenna is best to pay attention to? greetings
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    Here you do not need to fight it is not war, I asked for signal tests on IDU-ODU for individual LTE bands and speedtesty and it had to be done. I have not waited and you expect miracles in return. That is not possible. At DWR-921 you will not force specific LTE bands, it's a weak router.
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    Thanks for the answer. When it comes to ODU, I did not have to check when I did little when I visit home but in my free time I will try again. At least it works though not very quickly. However, I asked because the sister works on the borderline with no action and asked for help if there is any chance to correct the signal. greetings