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    I have a Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2 / A recorder in the company plus 7 Hikvision DS-2CD2120F-I cameras.
    I put neostradÄ™ 80Mb / s on 8Mb / s and through the account hik-connect.com I have online cameras.

    In the phone I first installed the Hik-Connect application, I was able to configure everything. Cameras load, although the application itself is a bit strange in the sense of comfort of work. So I installed the iVMS-4500 app where cameras are much better viewed.
    What is the difference in these applications, can I use iVMS-4500 and remove Hik-Connect?
    As for me, they serve the same and do not really understand the meaning of creating two.
    In both the image works smoothly, however, it is better to use the browsing on the iVMS-4500.

    I also wanted to have a preview of the cameras from the company at home on the PC.
    I installed iVMS-4200. I added a HiDDNS device in device management.
    I entered my data from hik-connect, all cameras have been imported.
    It works, but it cuts strongly and muli. After clicking on the preview of 4 cameras, I wait about 6 seconds. to load the image.
    The picture is cut, frozen and after a while it starts again. Even if I start one camera, the picture is not smooth.
    The program shows the use of the network at 0% CPU level 7-9%. Having a phone connected at home to the WiFi itself as a PC on a smartphone, the picture is smooth and cuts heavily on the computer. What are the reasons for this and how to solve the problem?

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    Personally, I would use the iVMS-4500 application (I also use it).
    I would give up hik-connect.com and go to, for example, noip.com.
    I had very similar symptoms on the account of "hik-a". I think that they are caused by, for example, overloading their servers. After configuring the noip, it works perfectly.
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    Thanks, I changed the house on the PC in the iVMS-4200 stream to the auxiliary. Image quality has dropped and cuts a little less, although it still sometimes freezes for several nice seconds.
    I wonder if this is the bandwidth of the bandwidth in the company - sending data or maybe servers on the hikconnect.com site?
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    You wrote that you have shipping up to 8mb. Maybe it is worth doing a simple test, for example on speedtest.net to confirm whether the link holds parameters. But what would not have been, you have a link by parameters too much to transmit the image.
    I repeat the suggestion regarding the transition to noip.
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    I checked, the link is holding the parameters. I still use the preview by hik-connect.com. Sometimes it's really OK, and sometimes it cuts or freezes the image. I do not really know why there are such discrepancies in the fluidity of the preview, but from observations I suppose it is probably the fault of the hik-connect servers that sometimes have problems. Can anyone confirm my guess?
    I will probably have to do tests for noip.
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    the phone takes the auxiliary stream, the PC can take the main one, switch to the auxiliary and see if it also cuts. The VMS itself is resource-consuming so the machine should also be of sufficient freshness.
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    iVMS has an auxiliary stream. Intel I7 and 16GB ram should be enough, so the problem is not really on this side ;)
    I'm interested if there are other users who connect through hik-connect and have similar problems as me.
    I would like to make sure that this is the fault of hik-connect servers.
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    The point is that the iVMS-4500 will be blacked out and not supported. The new one is and it is leading.
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    New in the sense of a phone app called Hik-Connect?
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    Exactly mate. This one is now up-to-date and the old one is also a different matter ;)
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    You'd better make DDNS and redirect ports, not a cloud that likes to run on average.