[Solved] Hyundai i30 1.6 petrol - Hyundai I30 does not want to smoke

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    Hello, forum members,
    Hyundai I30 car does not want to smoke. I had such a problem before but the car finally started after 20 attempts did not succeed.
    For the weekend I was in the mountains at -15 * C and the car started normally. Now we have + 2 * C. I noticed that with large temperature changes the car had a problem with ignition for the first time (several times) because it usually fires after 1 second.

    What I have already done:
    - I tried to fire the car with 2 keys

    I will add that the starter turns normally.
    To illustrate the situation, I recorded a video from this event.
    I will be grateful for any advice, even one that will allow me to start the car for a moment and access to the diagnostician.

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    Is the light from the iimobilizer should not go out?
    During start-up, the tip from the rev counter should show something delicately, and here it is dead.
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    I also suspect imobiliser. I do not know if it should go out, probably it was not there after launch.
    I read that you can start the car in so-called emergency although for a moment is it possible?
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    I'm also betting that Immobilizer.
    If they are illuminated and how you put the key should go out after a long time.
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    Evidently blocks immo, there will probably be a problem with communication or power drivers, the movie is not well filmed, show everything slowly. Control lights and wait for 10 seconds, then start turning the starter. I am wondering the ABS light, it's lighting up and should go out, then it lights up again. It would prove it in. Without diagnosis and repair, you will not start the car. There is no such procedure.
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    A moment ago I called the service, where I received information about the electronics that in cars HYUNDAI is the opposite and the icon is lit when firing. Someone will say something more about this curiosity?
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    The failure of the crankshaft sensor turned out to be a problem. The sensor replacement solved the problem.

    What could have indicated the broken immobilizer at first was not a problem. I learned that in Korean cars when igniting, the immobilizer control always lights up, which excludes its failure. When the light is off, it indicates an IMO failure.
    The immobilizer's failure can be ruled out with such a home-made method. Try to start the auto control "car with the key" lights up. Then wrap the key with aluminum foil quite thick and try to start the car. We will notice that the control has disappeared indicating that it does not connect IMO.
    Maybe my solution will be useful to someone.