GSM signal amplifier - What to buy?

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    What amplifiers you recommend for home use. Will those with alledroge about 300 PLN give advice? Do such amplifiers also strengthen the LTE signal
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    Look at the forum there were several such topics.
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    Only those with more power. Provided for the area of 200m?, they break through only one thin wall of the so-called max blocks. LTE can also be strengthened, but LTE or internet will work well only at the amplifier itself. A few steps away will drop upload and grow pings. If you have wifi in a flat, it is better to buy a good 2g 800mhz amplifier per band. For this antenna, eg ATK20 and a good internal antenna for given bandwidth. Ew divide the signal into two antennas inside.

    The external antenna must be as far away as the internal antenna. That it would not loop the signal
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    I will ask you too,
    I have an antenna for internet for LTE and it's ok,
    I have a problem with GSM coverage for phone calls, what amplifier is best to buy not to interrupt LTE.
    and antennas from the GSM repeater must be far from the LTE antenna, does not it matter?
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    I reheat the topic, because after changing the operator to Plus, being on a plot by the lake became a punishment, not a relaxation. The GSM signal "floats" on the verge of non-existence. One should rather forget about the Internet. Of course, I know the objections to criminal records, but no one lives within a kilometer (in terms of habitat). For me, one Plus will not put up a repeater. In addition, the device would only work on weekends, while on the plot. Therefore, I am asking for substantive advice on what device to choose.