Asus t100 / does not turn on - When trying to turn on, the white LED blinks five

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    Recently when turning off the computer, he asked me to update and not turn it off. I did so, I just left it connected to the charger with the update being installed. When I came back he was off. Since then, when you try to turn on, the LED blinks white five times and the computer does not respond to any buttons. What should I do now? What can this be caused by?
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    Hello, I will reheat the cutlet. Since I have Asus T100HA, I had a problem turning on the computer after discharging the battery. The procedure described in the link above did not help. I was able to run the computer a little more complicated procedure but it did not require specialized procedures, more attention and sensitivity are needed.


    1. The computer did not turn on, that is, the diode and the backlight of the monitor came on but nothing was displayed. The screen turned on and off, as if it were still restarting.
    2. I gently removed the aluminum housing, for which you need a thin tool (I used a rounded spreader knife).
    3. Gently slide into the gap between the screen frame and the housing and pry them to release the latches.
    4. The casing is easy to remove, place the computer with the monitor face down on a soft, even surface to avoid scratching the screen.
    5. We need to locate the battery plug, in my model located above the battery.
    6. In the T100HA model, pry the plug upwards with your fingernails or gently with the tool. The plug does not put up much resistance.
    7. To be sure, I held the Power button for over a minute and connected the battery. The computer turned on and booted the system.

    I hope someone will use this knowledge instead of sending the computer for service. We worked for 5 minutes and saved money and nerves.