[Solved] The wifi network adapter does not have the correct IP configuration

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    Good evening
    Can I hook a topic because I got what the topic name says. The Asus Ultrabook has been updated to Win10 on Sunday and ... suddenly the Wi-Fi network fell. When I try to repair by Windows, I get the message like in the subject. I've probably tried everything, so I'm sending the cmd record. I am asking for questions and any help.
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    We do not stick to someone else's topics. When answering someone else's topic, try to solve the problem instead of adding another. I've separated your post into a separate thread.

    Your post is missing some useful information, although parts can be guessed from the picture shown. Start by updating the driver from the network card - https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/276...ware-and-Drivers-for-Windows-10?product=83635

    If this does not help, enter the router model, firmware version (if your router, not the operator's), basic router configuration (LAN and wireless network).
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    Sorry for the confusion but from all this I lose hope of fixing the problem. What you proposed, i.e. drivers, I practiced a few days ago. After installing this particular version 20 ... Intel PRO Wireless improvement not noticed, remained unchanged. I contacted today with the network provider and Microsoft Support, and even with Asus, which company I have equipment for. Such Asus offered to me from his company site the network card rudders, as above but from ... 2016.! Well embarrassing. In general, telephone advice with no results, no one helped, and I'm generally shocked. As for the router, I have recently been using the modem from the UPC network provider (white box) model, I think I wrote CH7465LG-LC well. I don't know what parameters to give in the subject of the basic configuration, or where to look.
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    And what IP does the router allocate to devices?
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    All my embarrassment, in my opinion, is just spread out in IP since the system diagnostics says as in the name of this topic about configuration. The network provider has such an ftp page called Connect Box, will this be where I will find data regarding the sent IP? After searching this site, I noticed that for each device, be it telephones, laptops (WiFi) or Ethernet IP addresses are different.
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    I see that somehow nobody wants to help. Detriment.
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    all the drivers that I found for Win 7 to run the network card turned out to be useless, even those that I obtained from Microsoft or Asus (because such a company is a notebook), the message still exists, maybe someone should deal with the problem, write. with this rollback it would be too easy because I reset the card many times, removed old drivers and uploaded new ones. just microsoft stopped on the drivers for this card under win vista and bye. there is nothing to 7.