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Problem with wifi in Huawei p10

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    Hello, I will describe your problem in brief.
    I have a wifi router at home, which is connected to an internet modem from upc, generally 4 phones + a laptop are connected to wifi. All household members have wifi in their phones, as well as on my laptop. And when I connect with my huawei p10, next to it in brackets is "no internet" anyway, I included ss in the post, so you can dump.
    One of the ss before connecting to wifi, the second after connecting to wifi, and the third is a message that pops up when the phone is skum that it is impossible to connect to wifi. (I didn't write it in order.)
    I would ask for help, because I have tried everything that came to my mind.
    Many thanks in advance for your help!
    He gives 15 points for help ;)
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    Can you connect to a completely different wifi on your phone?
    What router model do you have for wifi? Doesn't it have any user limits? Does the DHCP server setting in it exhaust the available pool?
    Delete your connection from your phone (give forget option) and reconnect.