- Oil change in the berlingo 1,6 Hdi diesel box

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    I have a dilemma about changing the oil in the manual gearbox. Driven over 100kkm, about 12 years.
    After visiting the site they told me that citroen does not order oil change in the gearbox.

    Has the oil not lost its parameters for such a long time? What do you think about changing the oil in the gearbox?
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    elektronikq wrote:
    What do you think about changing the oil in the gearbox?
    There is no need.
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    The website recommends 75W-80 and 1.9 liters. greetings
    The website says that it is not exchangeable, but it can not be worse.
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    I will dig a fossil out a bit (I'm just looking for information about the oil in the gearbox and coolant), but when I read "that the service does not provide for oil change in the gearbox" it is black blood flooding me.
    Of course, it must be replaced in all types of gearboxes. Not only in the machine, but also in the manual. In old cars, it is said how much to change oil. In new ones they don't give it anymore. The manufacturer does not assume oil change in the box, because it assumes that after 10 years we will buy a new car, or we will do a costly repair at an ASO.