[Solved] Internet connection with T-Mobile is slow.

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    Hello, the last two years I had internet home with T-mobile, everything went as it should. Two months ago, something started to go wrong. With max 30mbps of dowload it got max 5 but usually 2-3. At the same time ping jumped from 60 to 8,000. Well but ok, it was over. A week ago my contract ended. I took a packet up to 20mbps, because the second packet was up to 60mbps, and so far it would not have reached even close speed. After that, I do not have as many buds as I need. On the first day of my test for the new internet, I managed to reach 10mbps, but it was usually around 7-8. PING on speedtest was within 35. Well, but the weekend came. And from Friday, the internet lives its own life. Download jumps from 0.5 to 5. Upload the same. And with ping it's a pity to talk. He can jump from 60 to 9,000. When one person is attached only to the discord. It's almost all the time since Friday. Could someone tell me if to fix it somehow, somehow change the frequency or something. Two years ago, he managed and now he is like it is. I live 7 km from the center of Nowy Sącz. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    What is the location, what LTE band are you using in T-Mobile? What is your router for this offer, did you check the parameters of the LTE signal?
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    Probably increased traffic on BTS which uses your modem. Have you checked how many BTSs you have and what are available near you? Maybe the operator changed the settings ...?

    I have several Orang LTE endings in Warsaw and it was not too bad at the beginning, transfers up to 20 Mbs (business agreement is up to 40) but up to several months there are facilities in which LTE transfer does not exceed 1 Mbs with pings up to 4 seconds. There is one facility in the western part of the city where sometimes there is no transfer. A new housing estate was built and several thousand LTE modems arrived. In new buildings there is neither a meter of light or copper.
    I also tested one own modem (D-Link) with LTE 4G on PLUS for Warsaw and initially it was 4-6 Mbs, now it does not exceed 2 Mbs. BTSy behaves like totally sucked.
    At my home LTE in T-Mobile does not work at all because BTS-y do not support LTE and in Orange on (two-way modem) LTE you can squeeze max 3 Mbs and this occasionally .... Even HSPA in T-Mobile works better.

    Fortunately, I have Neo 10/1 (it is 12 / 1.4) and stable with good pings. More will not be because my part of the village does not have any ONU cabinet. The line has 6 km copper, partly overhead, and partially cable.

    Call the operator, maybe you'll do something, but I doubt ...
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    Could I ask for help in how to check the bandwidth? On the router page (this 192 .....) there are 2 dashes on 5. I have a router: huawei b528s -23a.
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    Kreski is not interested in anybody, the LTE signal has certain parameters. To manage B528, choose LTE bands and aggregate them http://www.mediafire.com/file/99t05l2dv6vany8/Huawei_Manager_1.1_PL.apk on Android or on the Windows http://www.lte-anbieter.info/ltewatch/count_huawei .php? Datei = ltewatch_h T-Mobile uses its own LTE2600, LTE800 and LTE1800NetWorks. B528 aggregates two LTE bands. Lack of location does not allow to check where are the nearest NetWorks BTSs and what LTE bands on them / W / w applications also show CID BTS.
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    In other words: we will ask for locations, so +/- 100 meters.
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    I'm sorry that it's only for the next day but so:
    And if it comes LTEWatch, I would ask for help in how to use it. When I enable it, it generates:
    08: 58: 50.035 PM set Language is: en-US
    08: 58: 52.358 PM Routine started ... LTEWatch [H] version 1.1 Release Candidate 1 (Build timestamp: 03/10/2017 05:05:54)
    08: 58: 52.510 PM set Language is: en-US
    08: 58: 52.510 PM timer started => 1.5s
    08: 58: 52.545 PM Login was successful ... (Token method)
    08: 58: 52.546 PM fetching Drive / MonitoringStatus Data ...
    08: 58: 52.572 PM Fetch Drive Error!
    08: 58: 52.578 PM Fetch Monitoring Error!
    08: 58: 52.578 PM fetching Drive / MonitoringStatus Data failed!
    08: 58: 52.578 PM ConnectionStatus Error => 0

    And there are no indications in the tables on the program (attachment).
    Internet connection with T-Mobile is slow.

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    Could I somehow remove this answer with the location? Is not it too much?
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    At a distance of about 3 km, three NetWorks BTSs with LTE1800NW and LTE2600 T-mobile and their aggregation. It is Węgierska 144 (FAKRO), Wyspiański 2 and Magazynowa 7. Force one by one LTE1800, LTE2600 and LTE1800 + 2600, Hmanager. Take the B525 test outside. Show screenshots with CID BTS and signal and speed test parameters. In LTEwatchH you choose the option with Password?
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    Here with speedtest: Internet connection with T-Mobile is slow.

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    The program is there in defaut settings.
    I have a b528 router.
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    Ahh, it's hard to get tired this year like maybe a fiber optic. Thank you for your willingness. Greetings.
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    Ahh, it's hard to get tired this year like maybe a fiber optic. Thank you for your willingness. Greetings.

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    Thank you. Greetings.