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Skoda Octavia 1 1.6 102km BFQ - Error 16555 Mixture too poor

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    I have a big problem, I have been fighting with error 16555 in my Octavia for some time. I've already replaced half the car! The error is thrown out after the engine warms up on gasoline and gas together with errors from the lambda probe and flow meter, sometimes the ignitions on each cylinder also go hand in hand. The car, at idle, works unevenly, is able to choke and add gas for a moment.

    I installed a new lambda probe in the car - the effect is unchanged. I went back to plant the flowmeter - the same. Checking the intake tightness - I found a cracked elastic band - I replaced it with a new one and then the same. New candles, throttle cleaning. The cables and coil were replaced about a year ago, new gas injections six months ago by the previous owner. After all, I returned to the ASO service where I was checked the whole beam from the probe and the flow (I found out it was ok) and then the suspicion fell on the engine controller "because it was written in the service manual" on the way gentlemen also proposed new gas injections.
    I picked up the car from the service with an undiagnosed fault to continue looking for the problem on my own, after measuring the compression on 4 cyl, 7bar came out on a cold 6bar on a warm engine. I did a complete overhaul of the engine thinking that I found a fault (rings, bearings, timing kit, cylinder head grinding, valve seat guides, new head gasket). I finished the car yesterday and ... Still the same mistake.
    Any ideas what this could be?
    Thank you in advance for your response.
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    VAG group specialist
    Give me the bug no. With detailed descriptions.
    Have you tried driving the PB alone and deleting the values learned in the ECU?
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    grala1 wrote:
    Give me the bug no. With detailed descriptions.
    Have you tried driving the PB alone and deleting the values learned in the ECU?

    I tried the same ride on PB and it is the same, learned values can not be deleted because you need a pin code for which I do not know and the default ones do not work.

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    Did you pee on the collector with a running engine? 16555 is left in the intake and hence poor, I had the same in the same car, the error appeared only on idle, after a slight increase in turnover it was possible to delete it and did not return, after going down to idle immediately 16555.
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    Check the thin vacuum line that goes from the emphysema to the collector, probably fi6. Blind him to the test and check. It used to be like that with AKL in Octavi, it sucked air there and had a poor life all the time.
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    I had the same problem, I replaced half of the car and it turned out to be a clogged catalyst