No spark in Loncin 125 Chinese cross

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    After exchanging the damaged magnet and connecting as before, I still did not have a spark, so I replaced the module and the coil, but I still do not have a spark. Can anyone help me?
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    Does this scheme match your installation?
    No spark in Loncin 125 Chinese cross
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    Check the voltage between the green and the red wire. It should be over 50V at start-up.
    Check or disconnect the Kill Switch. It can not short pins at start-up.
    Check if you receive impulses at the start of the blue wire.
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    I do not have electricity on the blue from the pulse generator

    Added after 13 [minutes]:

    You could say how the electricity from the magnet is going in turn between these elements:
    Ignition switch

    Added after 5 [minutes]:

    Well, but above all, I do not have anything on the blue from the magnet. What to do with this
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    There the meter will not show much, it is only a minimal impulse. Measure the resistance between blue and green from the pulser.
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    Check the pulse pulse generator, the resistivity is about 120 - 140 ohms. Do not expect high currents from the pulser, because (as the name suggests) it gives only an impulse at a particular moment, i.e. when the "hump" of the magnetic wheel is over the pulser. Pay attention to its distance from the magnetic wheel, because it can not rub, the recommended distance is approx. 0.3 mm.
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    The resistance between blue and green is almost 160 Ohms
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    The pulse generator (green and blue) can be connected to the LED (red, has the lowest "ignition" voltage, approx. 1.5V). For ProgCDI, they give the voltage range from the 2-30V pulse, so it must flash. Flashes should be visible at the start-up. They can be very short and hard to see, so it's best to check in the evening how it will darken.
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    I measured the probe and noticed that the spark is but very little current is lost behind the module because on this wire from the coil there is only a small impulse. What a fault
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    What was the reason? I guess I have the same problem. Only that I do not have electricity at all from the pulser (blue and green cable). Everything from the spark I changed, the cables are probably ok.