Skoda Fabia I-Central locking - Central locking aftermarket

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    I am assembling the universal central locking controller in Skoda Fabia 1.4 60 KM (2001).

    Skoda Fabia I-Central locking - Central locking aftermarket
    I connected according to the diagram above. Mass control
    Combined yellow and yellow / black to weight. Orange clipped and white and white / black are for control.

    Unfortunately, the central one was probably added. There are other cable colors.
    Skoda Fabia I-Central locking - Central locking aftermarket

    I checked the cables and I was able to find the cable responsible for closing (Connecting to the same cable through a 180ohm resistor does not open) and directions.

    Locking and signaling with direction indicators work.
    Opening doesn't work. (Tried to all cables in the bundle adjacent to the blue through the resistor and without it)

    How to connect this opening? thanks for the help.
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    Hello, you need to find the actuator central and connect the white and white / black wires there
    without a resistor.
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    I used to connect such a driver and I also had a problem, as I remember correctly, you need to connect 2 wires together I do not remember what it should look like, but something like this:
    yellow yellow with a stripe, minus- white opening control
    orange orange with minus- white stripe closing control
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    You have an additional one. Find the old control panel and set it to control the actuators.