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airplane mode cannot be turned off

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    I have an Acer Nitro 5 with Windows 10. Two days was all fine. Today I was surprised by the fact that I lost connectivity to wifi. I entered the panel by the clock and it showed available networks, including mine, to which I was connected, but there was no internet access. To my surprise, airplane mode was also turned on. I clicked on the icon to turn it off, but it failed. I went into the settings and tried to turn it off there, but the slider moved back to the right to the on position when I moved it to the left. How to turn off this crap? I only have a wifi button on the keyboard, which does not go hand in hand with the function key anyway, and there is no separate slider on the housing.
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    If it were that simple, I wouldn't ask anyone for advice ...
  • Network and Internet specialist
    And you clicked restart? Because in Windows 10 it is quick to start up and if you press close without holding shift, it will actually be more of a hibernation.
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    I reset and closed normally and nothing helped. I also tried with shift and nothing