Bosch SPV46FX00E - 1h program for the shortest?

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    Hello, question about the Bosch SPV46FX00E dishwasher.

    Namely, is it possible that in a fairly new model on the market there was no 30-minute program?
    I tried in my model today, but after selecting any program and pressing the VarioSpeedPlus button it shortens to approximately 1 hour of washing.
    When I try to select the hour program and then VarioSpeedPlus, the VarioSpeedPlus button does not turn on. The user manual does not help much in this topic.

    What should I set to run a 30-minute program? Or maybe the shortest program in these new dishwashers is 1 hour? I enclose a photo of the dishwasher panel. Thank you in advance for your answer!
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    There are and will not be short washing or washing programs - Bosch is slowly giving up due to lack of hygiene of users and non-compliance with the operating instructions.

    For example:
    - washing machine program 10 minutes, load capacity max. 1 kg according to the instructions - a complaint related to the washing time, the time is extended to 1-2 hours. The reason: customers load the washing machine with a full 10 kg load and expect a miracle of washing clothes in 10 minutes.

    - dishwasher: customers do not comply with the operating instructions. Eco programs, short, do not dissolve grease and dirt from the elements of the dishwasher more frequent failures and accusing the company of aging the product. What's more, the dishwasher for 2 thousand full bayer and the ECO program still in use. Hardly anyone washes the dishwasher inside once a month (see user manual)

    Now the time of work and washing of this model: the Aqua-Sensor function, Loading sensor, result in matching the optimal washing time to the size of the load.
    For lazy people, the dishwasher also has:
    - Dishwasher Cleaning - Program
    - Electronic regeneration of the dishwasher
    - 3 Additional functions: VarioSpeed Plus, Hygiene Plus, Drying Extra
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    I found a "leaflet" additionally attached to the instruction manual, which describes in detail what Bosch dishwashers (depending on the model) have programs. The manual did not have such detailed data on the duration of individual programs.

    Bosch SPV46FX00E - 1h program for the shortest?

    My dishwasher has all programs except Rapid 65, Rapid 45 and Pre-rinse.
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    On the "leaflet" you have a universal list, that is, all programs that can occur. Their physical occurrence depends on the dishwasher model. They had to come up with something so that there were some models there, not 2 max 3.