[Solved] Ideapad y700 SSD Installation - SSD Installation

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    I bought the Lenovo Ideapad y700 ssd Plextor 128 GB M.2 PCIe M8Peg physically on the motherboard and I cannot turn on the laptop as if it was booting from this ssd, which is empty. When the ssd is removed, everything is ok and the HDD with the system has boot priority, the laptop starts as standard. While the Plextor log with information about the ssd disk appears from the ssd and after a while the laptop resets over and over again and the worst thing is that then I can not get to the bios (button in the housing).
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    No disk too?
    Lenovo bios starts with the OneKeyRecovery button (arrow next to the button) when the computer is OFF.
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    Yes I know. Without ssd, everything works fine
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    Bring up the boot menu as I remember correctly on the Lenovo f12 after booting.
    But ssd is usually mounted on the system so that the laptop starts up quickly, won't it be more convenient to install the system on the ssd and copy the data from the HDD on the new system and remove the old sys?
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    Only that I had no pendrive at hand and the HDD system was there.
    And I solved the problem by updating the bios, in the bios settings I set the BIOS MODE to UEFI instead of Legacy and in total, the system did not get up from HDD only from SSD, but it went to the bios, fortunately, when I connected the pendrive with the system installation, it started.