Map update for Passat B7, radio RNS 510

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    Hello you

    I have a Volkswagen with factory radio number RNS 510. The problem is with the map update in navigation.
    After entering the covered menu, information about navigation is displayed, and about maps most importantly, which tells me that "Map version HDD 8117".
    First of all, I need help reading this code, i.e. the year of these maps.
    Code 8117 should I understand that this is the 81st day of 2017?

    Another issue and I count on your understanding here, what should the recording of a disc with a new navigation look like?

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    The maps you have in your navigation are V11 West Europe maps, whose base is from January 2014.
    Currently, the most current maps are V 15 with the 2017 base. I can help with this (please contact me on priv.)