Bosch PIE631FB1E - Connecting the induction hob to the so-called force 400V

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    I am a beginner in this field, I connected some sockets or chandeliers several times. I bought a Bosch PIE631FB1E induction hob and decided to connect it myself (I know that I am losing my warranty and that it should be done by a licensed electrician). Installation in a single-family house, three-phase (let me add that I live in Germany), made in 1979.
    My question is whether I did it correctly - I am putting photos of the socket in the wall and a diagram from the assembly instructions. I connected the cables directly to the cooker, in the box on its underside, with the colors as specified in the instructions. I heard these boards only use 2 phases. The point is whether with such a connection (I made it in accordance with the instructions attached to the device) I do not overload any of the phases and whether it can stay that way at all. The earth is connected to earth, blue to blue, black to one of the black wires in the socket on the wall, while the brown to gray (those in the cable supplied with the stove) are connected to the other of the black (phase) wires in the socket on the wall.
    I will add that the board is working properly. I used the 3N scheme. In addition, I put a photo of the instructions for an alternative connection, 2N, probably for 2 phases - I did not use.
    Thank you for opinion!
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    My opinion is - you want to brag about connecting electricity, gas or power plants, you need to go to Facebook.

    Here, the level is higher and unfortunately you won't catch words of praise or like.
    You described the reason for the criticism yourself.
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    The purpose of this post is not to brag, because I have achievements in a different field. Here I am just a layman and I advise people who know the subject. Therefore, I do not understand your opinion on the subject, unfortunately ...