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Configuring the router under IPTV

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    Hi. I thought for a long time where to put this topic and it fell here. I have a question for experienced users, do you know what to look for, or are there any ways to improve IPTV reception.
    I have a fairly certain list of channels and when watching TV via the Internet it often buffers. My bandwidth is 38mbps so this should not be the case.
    I asked the IPTV provider what could be going on and I received the following answer:

    "The reasons may be that, for example, there are wifi disruptions. Please experiment with the router settings. Sometimes, too, the list is on a different device and it hits the server. Then you have to ask to change the password to the list"

    And I don't know what man meant. I play IPTV on NVIDIA Shield 2017 after Wifi. I cannot connect the Internet via cable.
    Does anyone have an idea what router settings can help with TV reception?

    Thanks and best regards
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    Run the inSSIDer program on the computer with Wifi and paste the results of its operation here.

    What Internet and IPTV service do you have?

    Enter router model, modem?
  • Network and Internet specialist
    I understand the sentence that you cannot connect the cable, but I would strongly suggest checking the quality of the service after the cable.
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    I will try to do tests, etc., but due to the fact that a 2.5-year-old toddler runs with me at home, it may take until late evening :)

    Added after 12 [hours] 28 [minutes]:

    I was able to organize 12mb of twisted pair and played TV after cable. The problem disappears. The speed from 13-15Mb has jumped to the full capacity of the 42Mb link. It's much better. Occasional cropping.
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    So again:
    Epic wrote:
    Run the inSSIDer program on the computer with Wifi and paste the results of its operation here.

    You probably have a lot of interference in the ether. Maybe the reception can be improved with the right configuration.
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    What router do you have
    NVIDIA Shield has a built-in WiFi AC 2x2 866Mbps adapter. If you have a crappy N300 router without 5GHz band support, don't expect comfort in watching TV.
    I assume that the WiFi signal level is high enough. Anyway, the range problem is smaller in newer devices that really support Beamforming (older ones only had it on paper).
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    On 1 channel you have an equally strong signal from the SSID "HUAWEI-B310-6385", if it is also your device then change it or SKY SR102 wifi channel to e.g. 11 with weaker signals.

    The important question was, did you test the signal near NVIDIA Shield or somewhere else?

    Elsewhere, the signals of the surrounding wifi networks may have a different distribution, but for starters you can try the above.

    Your router unfortunately does not support 5 GHz wifi.
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    Mine is just a sky with a tip of 35
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    Ok, change it to your channel from 1 to 11.
    On 11 there are 2 networks, but in the place where you took the measurement they have a weak signal, and certainly weaker than the "HUAWEI-B310-6385", which probably spoils your reception.

    As for 11 there will be no improvement then try switching to 6 yet.
    SKY47E49 has a fairly good signal, but it's dualband and probably most of the traffic, if not all, goes through the 5GHz network