What replacements to buy for the Epson XP-342 printer

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    Hello. I just ran out of black ink on the Epson Xp-342. It is known that the original inks bought with the printer, so also a small capacity. Now I would like to buy replacements because they are cheaper and much more spacious. The only problem is that I do not know which substitutes are good. Unless it does not matter what I buy. I don't know ... Here I found such:

    https://allegro.pl/5x-tusz-epson-t2991-29xl-expression-home-xp342-i7032760700.html?source=google 84vK3QIVibTtCh0IpgR_EAQYBCABEgItU_D_BwE & gclsrc = aw.ds & dclid = CKj_yP-Pyt0CFVgRGAodDacJZg # thumb / 3 (this set seems to me the most profitable because I have 2 times 15 ml black color, but I also think 3 colors are too cheap)

    https://taniodrukuje.pl/p/23/1810/tusz-zamiennik-epson-t2991-bk-xp-235-xp-245-xp-247--tusz-czarny-epson.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjIG-84vK3QIVibTt_Ch0IpgDEAQweAyAB_EAQw Only black here

    https://www.123drukuj.pl/Epson-29XL-T2991-tusz-czarny-zwiekszona-pojemnosc-wersja-123drukuj-C13T29914010C-C13T29914012C-i36850-t165704.html Here also only black color
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    It is most economical to buy Eternal T29 cartridges + 4x100 ink-mate ink (I recommend), the price is about PLN 150.
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    sylvi91 wrote:
    Hi. Maybe choose a cartridge with a filling hole.
    You will then be able to buy the ink in a larger package and refill it.
    Or if you will be printing a lot, invest in a CISS system right away.

    I had the XP-442 and I don't recommend the CISS for it, especially if you're installing it for the first time. I installed the CISS and I no longer have the printer - I flooded the head electronics. When counting the costs, it is probably better to buy carcasses with a filling hole in normal use.

    Now I have a Canon G3410 and the CISS is already built in there.
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    fifek62 wrote:
    It is most economical to buy Eternal T29 cartridges + 4x100 ink-mate ink (I recommend), the price is about PLN 150.

    ok. I looked through and the offer is very interesting. I would like to buy. There are two problems. First, which set is more profitable? The one from this link, which costs PLN 149 https://allegro.pl/wieczne-kartridze-t29-xp-2xx-3xx-4xx-i7563148024.html or the one from the other link which costs 119.99 https: // allegro .pl / 400ml-ink-mate-eternal-cartridze-xp45-xp342-t29-i7226264628.html

    The second problem is that I have an updated printer to the latest version and somewhere I read about these eternal cartridges that there may be a problem with their operation if the printer was updated.
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    I know those for PLN 149 and they are eternal with the latest version of the chips that work with the latest versions of the software will also work for you, but I do not know the latter.