Copying the remote control to the gate

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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the party :) I count on help because I already spread my hands, I tried several ways and nothing. I need professional advice. That is why I am asking you forum members.
    I need help copying the remote control to the gate.
    The remote control is probably with the fixed code 433,92.
    I tried a Proxima cloner which signals that the code copy has been successfully completed. I also tried other NNs to no avail.
    I do not have access to the control panel - it is owned by the administration, and the administration itself offers very poor quality remote controls. In my copy, I have to change the batteries from time to time and this is extremely annoying. I enclose a photo of the remote control board. Maybe some of you will have an idea whether copying is possible and how.

    Copying the remote control to the gate Copying the remote control to the gate

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    by Duduļ74 on 22 Nov 2019 23:18:48
  • specialist - gantry automation
    Try the cloners until the result - or look for an identical original - maybe yours is slightly damaged.
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    Thank you very much for your support
    Closed topic managed to find replacement :)