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[Solved] Household appliances from the USA, commissioning in Poland.

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    I am looking for wisdom when to run the washing machine USA 120 V 60 HZ. I have a 240/120 V transformer. The dryer is working
    while the washing machine has a control panel at 60 HZ and unfortunately it does not work (it has an inverter motor and a heater of about 3KW)
    MAYTAG washing machine. Good salary for help and service.
    tel 225187778

    Added after 7 [minutes]:

    I have a US gas oven for blown heating. Big blower and exhaust fan. Total power 300 W 120 V, 60 Hz
    Currently working on a 240/120 V, 50HZ transformer
    I am looking for a 50/60 HZ inverter.


    HYDROPRESS @ wp, pl
    Tel. 22 518 77 78
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    Unfortunately they do not have. I am waiting for help.