SN66N098EU/A5 - Does open water valve

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    Hi I have a Siemens SN66N098EU/A5 4 yrs old.

    It started with E19 with broken solenoid and burned transistor (STN83003), after solenoid replacement and soldering transistor controller still shows E19 error. So I guess something burned into CPU.

    So I replaced controller with flashed one (12007911), e19 is gone now, but water is not filled. after cycle start it shows tap symbol.
    Though if I feel it with water manually, program continues. Aquastop is fine, just put there 220v and valve opened correctly.

    This controller opened a tap twice, when I had machine upside down, and pumps disconnected from the cup. That led me to an Idea heat pump is not sending enough impulses, so I replaced heat pump too, didn't help. And I no longer able to reproduce valve open event.

    Anybody have an experience with such controller? Can somebody explain a logic flow happens within a controller?

    Thank you,