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    Hello, I'm Erwin. I have two Philips NP1100 internet radio and both are not working. Because I thought it was broken and I bought another one, what can I do to make them play? Feler is such that you can't search for a station that interests me. Will anyone help me? I would very much ask.
    Regards Erwin.

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    From what Phillips gives, this radio has stopped working and will not be anymore. I have them too and the problems described have been appearing for several years. Either it does not search for stations (then the method given by Polon_us worked in the past) or you cannot connect to the Internet at all.

    Customer support of Phillips Polska in 2018, after several weeks of trying to solve the problem, stated that the serving server was down. Despite this, sometimes I was able to search for a station. But at the moment I can't connect to the internet at all, and support from Great Britain reported that the radio was made by an external provider that went bankrupt and Phillips has no documentation (!).

    Anyway, at the moment I can't even go to the radio management page on the Phillips website (procedure described by Polon). Only the page header appears, without any content.

    Unfortunately, I'm planning to buy a new radio. Maybe someone knows a reliable piece to connect to the amplifier? I will celebrate Phillips from afar.
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    Well, the reason I parted with this Philips product was because of its crashing as well as breaking the internet connection when it was working.

    Now I am using the Ocean Digital WR-10 receiver. I am very pleased with it. It is equipped with a number of audio outputs - analogue, digital optical and Coax. It has a number of useful functionalities, e.g. USB, BT, DAB, FM or the ability to work after DLNA. Connection to the Internet via WiFi or LAN.

    A very big advantage is the ability to directly connect to this tuner from your computer over the home network. This gives you the option of freely adding an Internet station without watching the service that supports this radio, you can also arrange your preset stations nicely using a computer. The receiver is operated by Skytune service - very good in my opinion.

    The only thing I could stick to is a relatively small display. But I can do it :)
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    Thanks for the recommendations. I don't want to hit like this Phillips radio