DVD Player 1080PR stopped playing discs from different regions - Grid numbers?

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    Hi folks!

    I have this model for years, and used to play my Region 2 and Region 4 discs with no issues. Apparently something happened as now only Region All discs will play. If I insert a Region 2 (or 4), it tries to load the disc and an error message shows up ("error occurred...") on a blue screen (almost terrifying, huh?).

    ; )

    After Googling around (A LOT, believe me), I have found some clues about it.
    It seems to be related to the grid numbers - hidden in the settings.
    This is what I need to do in order to see the numbers:

    'No disc' indication is visible on the top left of the screen
    Using the keys on remote, I press:
    1 - Reset
    2 - Fast Rewind
    3 - Next Chapter
    4 - Fast Forward
    5 - Previous Chapter
    6 - Play

    Then the grid numbers are displayed and what I see currently for me are the ones: 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 19, 25

    I tried to find proper numbers or even someone having the same player I own (1080PR, to check for the grid, but I have not found anyone willing to help.

    Perhaps some of you could post an answer here.

    If you have a similar player model, set to play all regions (R2 or not only R2), I will appreciate the effort.

    Many thanks and take care.

    **Full model ref: 1080PR/XEO - firmware 090810.10.B.1080P9XEG - Region 2
    **Note that despite it is a Region 2, it has always been reading all regions with no hack