LG display in HP 8560w DreamColor died twice

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    I have an HP EliteBook 8560w equipped with the DreamColor LCD display from LG, Model No.: LP156WF3-(SL)(B3)
    The PC has the NVIDIA Quadro 2000M GPU.

    After updating the NVIDIA driver to Version (dated 22.07.2015), the LCD panel failed and died during normal Windows 10 reboot.
    The PC works as normal on an external screen, and no errors are reported by the NVIDIA driver.

    The problem did not occur immediately after the driver was updated, and I am uncertain if this is related to the driver Upgrade, or not.
    However, I decided to replace the LCD and bought a new panel.

    The new panel worked just fine at first, but after 4 hours of normal operations, it too failed and died during a normal PC reboot.
    So now I have two dead LCD panels, and I do not understand what went wrong, and what I should do.

    I suspect that for some reason, the electronic GPU card, the inverter or some other electronic power circuitry is generating a power spike during off/on switching of the panel, causing some component on the panel itself to fail and break the power circuit/feed.

    My question is;

    1. Haveanyone experienced similar issues with same type LCD panels from LG ?
    2. Do you know of any possibility to fix this issue (I cannot afford to put in yet another panel and just break it too)

    Many thanks in advance.