Onkyo TX NR906 no HDMI video output

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    I am a retired Dutch electronic technician, now living in Spain.

    After using Google I found this site.
    I have a problem with a Onkyo TX NR906, it does not give any picture out on the HDMI ports.

    When I check the firmware versions I see information on Main, DSP1, DSP2, DSP3, HDMI, NET, NET usr, NET rfs, NET krn , NET ipl, but only a blank line on VIDEO:.

    It was a gift to me, so I started to replace all capacitors n the HDMI board, this did not change anything.
    When it came to me, it had Main FW 1.00, and I was able to upgrade using the serial port to 1.05 and a Windows-98 PC, but this did not change anything with respect to the HDMI output.

    I do not see any setup screen, nor any video input.

    Is there any information about what could cause this available?

    Thank you for any help available,