[Solved] Gearbox zf 6as800 optitronic renault - problem change 1 - N - R

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    by reading the other topics, I understood that there were people here looking for the fault before replacing everything! It's nice!

    My problem :
    when I maneuver my truck (renault midlum with zf 6as800 optitronic gearbox) the 1st shift - reverse gear R: sometimes it works well sometimes I am stuck in both 1, R or N ... only the engine stop + 5 seconds and restart allows me to start again.

    This hot or cold. Before the problem arises, often 1 and R pass abruptly. No problem on the road: 1 2 3 4 5 6 - even when I stop it goes back to 1.

    The clutch, the clutch fork are new; I changed the electronic box ... the purges and calibrations are done ...
    All ecu up to date ...
    Do you have any idea and / or experience of this phenomenon? What exactly is the air supply for? because I read that this command is essentially hydraulic.
    The gearbox at 544000km without intervention (it is a truck that only traveled the road, very little delivery so little maneuver)

    thank you so much
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    Post a photo of the nameplate because something does not suit me with this model name.
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    thank you for your reply.
    It is a gearbox of the type : ZF ECOLITE 6AS-800
    with Renault electronic module.

    I just tested what a technician recommends on this forum: bleed the clutch by lifting the rear wheels
    It seems to work better; but if that's it the French mechanics are really bad: more than 3 days of immobilization, an electronic control changed and the gearbox declared dead

    However if you have an idea I am interested. It is the same box as volvo daf and man; with Renault software

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hello, the problem came from an input error in the tacho.