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Philips 32PHH4309/88 - keeps restarting after logo

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    I'm struggling with following TV Philips 32PHH4309/88 which restarts in loop after showing the logo.
    I've read many posts with the same solution:
    1. downloading the firmware on USB stick slow-formatted with FAT
    2. unzip the content in it
    3. connect it the the TV
    4. power on the TV while pressing the power button on the frame
    5. wait the LED blanking

    I'm stuck on the point 5 since there is no way to see the LED blinking.
    Is this happened to someone of you?
    I assume the TV in some sort of code load mode because it appears different (no backlight, no audio optical red light) compared to when it is powered on without the power button pressed (backlight and logo showed until the next reboot).

    There is no way to see the red LED flashing :(

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    There is such a thing as forcing an update. some info here Link