2001 Opel Zafira Z18XE Engine: Solving Idle Stalling, Rough Idle & P0170 Code Issues

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    hello everyone i have a problem with my zafira model of 2001. engine code z18xe.
    i changed maf sensor,coils, spark plugs, knock sensor, lamda sensors both of them but it keeps showing fault code p0170 running rich and between 1000 to 1500rpms the engine stalls and idles rough. can anyone help me on what i should search next? I also tried a used ecu on the car but the problem remains.I dont know if the ecu was working correctly or not .the seller said it was okay but the problem remained.
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    Hello, can you do a fuel pressure test on the injector manifold? Same thing happened to me and it was a bad fuel pump.
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    What about the fuel pump?
    The error number itself does not say anything because it is not known whether the mixture is lean or rich.
    It would be useful to read both lambda sensors while driving along with the reading from the flow meter and the measurement of the fuel pressure.
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    and the shaft position sensor? usually it causes jerking, fading out, etc.
    you can disconnect the camshaft position sensor for the test. without it, there is no multipoint injection, only all injectors are injected at once, but the engine has to work
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