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Audi a6 c6 ESP fault 18265 P1941

mihalypiskolczi 72 0
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    I have an Audi A6 from 2005, in which after 10 minutes the ESP indicator started to pop up, there is no driving without the appearance of this error, after switching off the engine the indicator disappears and the next time the error pops up again. My question to audi owners, what is the reason? how can this be fixed? I mention with the alternator and battery voltage regulator. I was with this problem at various electricians and "professionals" from audi, unfortunately no one but the proposed solutions regarding the replacement of the alternator and regulator can not cope with the problem Thank you in advance for your help
    . The problem persists. I come back from the diagnostician errors that shows:
    P1941 -CAN; incorrect message from the battery adjustment control module
    - Constant

    18265- Load signal, incorrect message from the engine control module

    Asking for help what to do next. I will add that the problem also occurs when the car is started without driving.