worms-commas in the LCD matrix

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    I have a Toshiba Tecra laptop

    more than a month ago, three worms, such commas, appeared between the matrix cover and the LCD screen itself, two of which died in the view field of the screen (one almost in the middle, and the other - at the top edge). I don't know what happened to the third.

    I know this is quite a funny topic, but very frustrating. Imagine bugs walking on your LCD and distracting your attention. After less than two days, they died. And that's not where they should be.

    My question is: have you had similar cases (to mine) with these commas on the LCD matrix? Can it be removed somehow?

    The site doesn't know if my case is suitable for

    warranty replacement of the equipment (this probably applies to the matrix itself). I have a lot of important data on my computer and I delay leaving my computer for 2 weeks at the service center.

    My case is not alone. You will see example videos showing my problem:


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    The worms had to be lured out of the matrix before they died (put in a dark room and put a flashlight on the side), now it remains to try to blow them out with compressed air ... or replace the matrix. It is true that the matrix can be disassembled, but at home I do not expect this operation to be successful.
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    thanks for the answer.
    I already read somewhere with this flashlight, but it does not bring the desired results.

    Yesterday I took my laptop to the service. It turned out that they had a similar case earlier and the customer, who had the computer under warranty, had the entire matrix replaced. So I hope that the entire matrix will also be replaced for me.

    Personally, I do not wish anyone such a case with worms inside the screen. This is terribly frustrating. In fact, after the worms die, you get used to seeing them. However, it is not about some black commas blocking our view.

    I don't know if all Toshiba laptops are, but my model - Tecra A8 - has a pressed matrix housing. It cannot be disassembled on the website (implicitly: to be able to press it again later).

    My laptop is under warranty for the second time. Earlier the keyboard refused to obey and the "5", "t", "g" and "b" keys were blocked. It was replaced again. During the exchange, damage to the motherboard was found, which was also completely replaced.

    After bringing the computer from the site, after two months, I found that the microphone input and audio output were not working properly. I am curious how the service will react to it (I was told that the laptop will be diagnosed also in this respect) ...
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    I had the same monitor problem from a desktop computer.
    The problem happened twice. The first time the bug came out by itself, the second time I wanted to rush it and ended up destroying it :)
    I ended up taking the entire matrix of the monitor apart and cleaning it from the inside.
    It is strange that the producers did not foresee such a possibility that something would get inside and they did not protect the matrix more carefully.
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    I also had a similar problem, and exactly with the Toshiba tecra 500, it was enough to unscrew the screws securing the matrix, unfold it but do not touch the matrix or foil that are in the matrix with bare hands only through paper or gloves
    take the compressed air and blow it out of the matrix then twist it and insert it to check if it works and you can work
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    I just dealt with this problem a moment ago.

    My monitor is LG Flatron L1710S.

    The case turned out to be simpler than I thought.

    Here is a simplified workflow:
    1. Unscrew the foot (2 screws)
    2. Unscrew the back (plastic housing)
    3. We pry up the front (it has latches on the sides)
    4. Unscrew the metal fastening.
    5. Unscrew the metal element holding the frame around the screen (3 screws)
    5. Pry the metal frame around the screen.
    6. At this stage, you should be able to peel off the screen - a thin (2mm), black flat something (it is stuck to a thin rubber around the perimeter), from a thick and transparent something underneath.

    In general, I was still struggling to take the monitor apart, but at one point I got stuck and tried to force it out and the screen (thin, black) came loose by itself. I had worms just below the screen - the glasses cloth allowed me to get rid of them.

    I do not know if my description is understandable, but the important thing is that you can remove coma worms from the LCD monitor at home.
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    ... you can, but a lot depends on the design of the matrix, you were lucky.
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    Problem solved - worm removed, maybe my guide will also help you :)