Can I use a different power supply as a replacement for the original?

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    The higher the input voltage, the lower the current drawn from the power supply and the less filling the waveform in the converter ... but that's not what I wanted to write about. These Chinese "replacement power supplies" are terrible crap, I had such a thing with my nc6000, it was so bad that TV could not be watched through the TV tuner, and the TV was connected to the same splitter: /
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    So only buy POLSKIE DOBRE BO POLSKIE products :) . But seriously, I am also behind our products.
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    So what if POLISH if such a FEN has everything from China?

    The original for your Lapa will be hard to find, that's why I recommended Dell as a replacement - cheap, functional and proven with high quality.

    I use Chinese myself only when I need it and most often only in the car because this is how I have original power supplies.

    PS-not all Chinol is groats.
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    Of course, not every original HP or Acer power supply is also Made in China and the quality is completely different than "Replacement Laptop Switching Power Supply".
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    The truth is very simple: the Chinese manufacturer is open to the customer and will do exactly what the customer wants. Want a cheap power supply that will last six months? Well, electrolytes and semiconductors from an unknown homie, half the size of the cores, improved parameters on the sticker. Want a power supply with the reliability Dell needs? Well, electrolytes with really LOW ESR, proprietary semiconductors, TDK cores.
    So it is not the manufacturer that matters, but the price.
    And the new equipment sold on the Allegro is mostly the cheapest equipment.
    Often a better company drug, not too old, than "no name" brand new.