Dell Inspiron power supply - Voltage on the 3 pin

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    The case concerns the Dell 90W power supply with a 3-pin plug.
    I already know that the mass is on the outside of the plug and the plus is inside, the problem is that I have a voltage of 5.5V on 3 pins, and it should be 0V !?

    Somewhere I read that there should be a resistance of 1.8 M between the third pin and ground, in my case it is infinity ...

    I would like to know if such a power supply is functional and if something can be damaged when there is voltage on pin 3

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    Take a photo (of this element) and show what exactly you measure (what and how).
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    Original power supply?
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    There is a 1wire chip on the small pin in the dell for identifying the power supply.
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    the power supply is original dell
    Dell Inspiron power supply - Voltage on the 3 pin

    the plug looks like this:

    Dell Inspiron power supply - Voltage on the 3 pin

    there is a mass on the outer wall and a plus on the inside, in the middle of the plug there is a thin pin, i.e.

    I used this power supply in a car with an inverter, the inverter burned out, so I wanted to check with a digital meter if nothing happened to the power supply. Between the sides is normally 19.5V, and on the 3rd pin it is just like a colleague previously wrote the 1wire system to identify the power supply, but nowhere have I found a clear answer whether there should be voltage on the 3rd pin or 0V.
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    There should be 0V on the so-called pin.