How to unlock the lock mechanically passat B5 rear left door

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    One day in my Passat B5 99r estate (central with a key), after closing all the doors, the rear left door stopped responding. The door is locked and there is no way to open it from outside or inside.
    I read on the forum how to get to the door from the inside. I have already removed the upholstery and the sheet metal. Now I have access to the lock, but I don't know how to unlock it mechanically. I am writing mechanically because the lock does not react to electrics. I connected to the black-blue and black-green 12V (the wires going to the lock actuator) - no reaction. My diagnosis is the lock broken. I can replace it only after opening the door.
    But how to open them?

    Is there any way to undermine something to let the lock release?

    Please help... :cry:
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    And is the actuator lever visible there?
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    yogi009 wrote:
    And is the actuator lever visible there?

    This is more or less what it looks like.

    How to unlock the lock mechanically passat B5 rear left door

    on another forum I found another better photo of the lock, in which you can see the individual parts better

    How to unlock the lock mechanically passat B5 rear left door
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    in general, it is not that simple, it would be best to disassemble the actuator, but the problem is that it is screwed on from the other side.

    As for the damage to the actuator itself, check the cables from the comfort module under the driver's rug, they often rot at a distance of about 40-50 cm from the module, also take the controller out on the table and see how it feels inside, it's best if you have a vag to help
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    The actuator is energized and receiving pulses. I checked with a meter in black, green and blue - there is a current when opening or closing.

    In my opinion, it's a mechanical failure.

    How to release the mechanism or actuator?
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    try this way
    1.you close the door with the remote control
    2.you hold the inner handle in the open position (so that the pin comes up)
    3. you open the door with the remote control
    4. you let go of the handle (inside) and the pin should stay up and the door can be opened from inside and outside.
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    It can be unlocked but at the cost of the lock. Unscrew the plastic cover that covers the motor. It will not come off completely, you will have to fold it back, then you will have access to it. Start turning it by hand, or rather with thin tools (I don't remember which way) until the lock releases. The problem is that when turning the motor, it bounces and you have to hold it skillfully. Of course, some small elements fall out of your interior, so it would be a good idea to get a second lock and replace it in one go.
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    Hello, it is exactly as described by the invector, there is no other way I had the same problem you disassemble the door you get to the actuator you unscrew it slightly bend it and turn the wheel to the left (I think) while the central lock is already scrapped, you will close and open only from the bolt.
    if you need such a lock, I have something like it, let me know it promptly
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    I did as you advised. the old castle went into the basket. I bought a new one on the Allegro for PLN 85. two days and I have everything put together. everything is back to normal.
    thanks for the help
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    A better method is to fold back the plastic motor cover and apply 12V directly to it. For me, this way saved the castle, nothing spilled out of it and it did not go to scrap. Just after this operation, it opened and, after a light inspection, it started working properly.
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    Hello. I make these locks quite often Golf Passats, etc. The biggest inconvenience is the need to remove the upholstery with the door closed, but it can be done without leaving any traces of damage. Then I take a bunch of cables going on the sheet to the lock and look for a pair that goes to the motor. I cut these cables so as not to damage the electronics of the comfort module and I put 12V on the lock from the external power supply. Of course, this method will not work if the motor is damaged But so far I have opened many cars and I have not had such a case