Non-working touchpad - HP Pavilion and ProBook laptops. HOWTO

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  • Many users may encounter a situation when the touchpad on the computer suddenly stops working. If he is lucky, he will see the disappearing touchpad logo on the screen. From now on, the touchpad does not work, the LED in its upper left corner lights up, the presence of which the user had not even guessed before. Everything is OK in the bios and in the device manager. Restarting the computer doesn't help, reinstalling the drivers doesn't help ... so where's the problem ?!

    The more inquisitive will start looking at the laptop looking for a key to turn on / off the touchpad. But there is no such key in these notebooks. There is no keyboard shortcut, nor are any of the Fn keys assigned to this option.

    The problem is simple and easy to solve - just ... "click" twice on the LED on the touchpad (in the upper left corner of the touchpad) to activate or deactivate it.

    Good luck and less nerves ...
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