Bosch kgv 2604, damaged electronics, photo plates

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    Burnt driver 9.981.310.017-1 after overvoltage in the network.
    Burned resistors: r31-r33, zd1, c3 torn, burned paths from the smd side near the triac - efficient unit.

    I need a schematic or photo plate from the smd side to fix the connections and recognize the elements.
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    Hello, just 2 days ago I had such a case.
    Burned hole in the processor.
    For now I have replaced the electronics with a 50/50 percent time switch. Where can you buy such a module. Or maybe it will go without a processor? The rest seems to work.
    I have the type 9.981.310.017-1 and I saw the ending -4 or -2
    can it be used.
    I do not have a thyristor on my segment to control the bulb.