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Toyota Avensis - Electric brake (automatic) Avensis 2009 (46300-05010)

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    I have such a question
    The electric brake in Avensis 2009 has been damaged
    In these models it is supposedly a norm.

    To my surprise, flooded like the one above, dismantling this crap is also fun; (

    However, after the exchange, which was supposed to be a formality, it does not go to put out mistakes

    C1201 / 64
    Engine Control System Malfunction
    - Engine control system
    - Electric parking brake ECU (Parking brake with bracket actuator assembly)

    C1203 / 73
    Vehicle Information Mismatch
    - ECM
    - Main Body ECU (Instrument panel junction block assembly)
    - Electric parking brake ECU (Parking brake with bracket actuator assembly)

    I did not erase the errors in the engine at the very beginning.
    And so I wonder if this 1203 will die now when the car will arrive.
    I have no idea what to do or I do not know if I can do it
    Despite the same number on the controller.

    The driver is eep 95160 and I'm thinking about batching
    in the case of "W" but I do not like to stick to it because it is a very stubborn cattle.
    There is some SMD bone for this but it's hardcore

    By the way, the water gets through the cable at the top
    A seal like that splashes around her.
    Service says it's 1h robots ;)

    Maybe somebody had some better experiences with this crap.
    I do not want to undress it again. I do not do this with CDIF
    and Delphi can not handle it at all, it can not even drive
    do I delete errors and do not have any other tools for this.
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    Point 0 calibration, erasing old data
    only when the new engine is operational
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    Level 17  
    You can not mix these cylinders. How the car is LHD is with LHD, as RHD is with RHD, as AT is with AT, as MT is with MT.
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    And I do not know, but the machine and manual probably do not
    But do they differ from which they have a steering wheel, probably not
    the procedure differs only if the engine 1ww or 2 above
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    antonilukka wrote:
    Calibration point 0 delete old data
    only when the new engine is operational

    OK, what to enter?
    The label on the cheese maker is the same as in the original one.

    The engine is used and works, draws and lets go.
    I tried CDIF and did not like to change anything.
    And Delphi does not even test the driver.
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    The VIN will be the same as the new driver, but you still need to adapt,
    how the old service must do a flash and add a VIN and how we will see.
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    Level 16  
    No serwis sobie nie poradził :(

    Znalazłem takie info:
    Hi I have a problem to adapt used electric parking brake in Avensis 2011 year.
    I have a trouble code P1203 - Invalid Data. I attached dump 95160 from EPB. Did anyone know it is possible to clear this fault code ? I think
    I need to change VIN but I can't see VIN in eeprom dump.
    hi. The manufacturer does not provide for the installation of the module used . .Vin Does not occur.
    There is a match the other ECU.
    You can install a new module and program (there is only manual matching method module) only.
    To wiele wyja¶nia ;) Czyli jednorazówka - brawo dla Toyoty.

    I takie też wynalazłem:

    Macie jaki¶ pomysł?
    Bo inaczej to chyba tylko 95160
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    I wrote a problem and you lose time and money.
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    deesz wrote:
    Car from 2009. There was then 1WW, 2WW.
    Among other things, after connecting the new actuator, the following data is added:

    Yes, you wrote it, but it's about the new driver, at least that's how I understand it.
    And the same writes in the link that I posted, and the substance is currently being formed,
    with the same numbers, not repaired, unsealed,
    which the manufacturer did not anticipate for obvious reasons (almost 3k).
    The brake works, it picks and releases from the switch, only displays two lights in the meter and that's the whole problem.

    If I misunderstood you, please improve.
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    Level 17  
    It can be used, it will work immediately after connecting, the lights will go out but it must be from a car with the same specification: AT, MT, LHD, RHD.
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    Level 16  
    Well, unfortunately, it will not work. as mentioned by experts from the links above.
    Because it is a used part, it's strange that the website did not know about it.
    Reprogramming / soldering EEP 95160 errors went wrong ;)
    The full release of CDIF and all 1203 is also history.
    Probably the VIN is coded, because it can not be seen in the dump with the naked eye
    But putting this wonder apart is a nightmare.
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    Stanisław Chwalisz
    Level 34  
    Those good from the service went abroad, orphans, or lovers.
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    Well, what's up, maybe it's not that bad.
    Only a pity was the time and the way to them.