Intel Core i5 6400k / XFX Radeon - Checking Media Presence popup message ..

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    Hello, I get this message every time I start my computer:
    >> Checking Media Presence ......
    >> Media Present ......
    >> Start PXE over IPv4.
    It will turn itself off after about a minute, or just press the esc key. Maybe it's fine to hit the esc key, but I'm not the only one using it.
    Computer parameters:
    -Intel Core i5 6400
    -XFX Radeon RX 470 RS
    -DDR 4 / 8gb RAM, probably from Good Ram
    -HDD 1000 GB
    -Intel 120GB 2.5 '' SATA SSD Series 535 7mm

    I think it is worth writing that the computer is new, but after one day of use, he visited the website where the motherboard was replaced. Same model but new. Before the service, I managed to install the Windows 7 SSD, card and board drivers, etc. When returning it to the service, I had to remove the ssd from it, because it was purchased separately. Then the computer turned on normally, i.e. without this message.

    I watched videos with the solution to this problem and changed some settings in Bios from uefi to csm. I can't find it at home, and due to the fact that I'm completely green in the subject, I am asking for help from someone who knows, because I don't want to spoil something myself.
    In the attachment I will add photos from Bios.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help
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    As I wrote above ^^ I am green, completely green and I don't want to spoil anything. Just exactly which option, i.e. whether this #boot optio 6 and 13.
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    You will not break anything, even if you change something badly, you can always set it later as it was before.

    Enter UEFI Network Drive and check if you can disable network booting there or at least set it to the last positions.
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    Thanks a lot, I did as you wrote above. In UEFI Network Drive I gave disabled :)